Curata - One of the best content curation and distribution platforms. Includes tools that help people create, curate, organize, annotate and share content.

Pinterest - Okay, you already know this site. But I bet that you've never thought about using it as a conten/idea discovery tool!

Feedly - Get access to your preferred news, articles, videos using this platform. Has useful apps which provide the same experience on mobile devices.

Storify - A site that has the "make the web tell a story" tagline. You can create stories using content that was published on social media.

Paper.li - Collect, and then share great content by creating an online newspaper. Yes, you can build your own digital news source using Paper.li!

BagTheWeb - A website with a funny name, and one that does it justice! Use BagTheWeb to create "bags" of information pertaining to a specific topic, which can then be shared.

Pocket - This list wouldn't be complete without Pocket, an online tool that allows you to bookmark your favorite content, and then push it to your top social media channels.
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